Available Poms

(click here to see pedigrees and photos of our Pom parents –¬†scroll down to see photos of typical Avalon puppies)

Sorry, we already have deposits on our current puppies
as well as our current litters due.

For those placing deposits now, we estimate that
white, cream, and orange puppies will be ready to go in about 6 months.

Clients who have placed a deposit receive first refusal on puppies in the order that deposits are received.
If you are sure you want a puppy, we recommend placing a deposit in order to get in line.
Note that deposits are transferable, but not refundable.

Please read our FAQ Page
completely before placing a deposit.

Typical Avalon Puppies (for your viewing pleasure only – not for sale)

Typical Cream Avalon Puppy

Typical Orange Avalon Puppy

Typical White Avalon Puppy