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Owned by Us

CH Kartella Aint That Easy “Seth”
CH Sweetwaters Sorry Not Sorry
x Kartellas Tribute To Sarah

Avalon’s Frosty Morn of Chiao Li Ya “Frosty”
White Diamond Gold of Chiao Li Ya
x White Jen Shan Me of Chiao Fu Hang

CH Cr N Pomteddy Galactic Empire
“Obi Wan”
CH Sunryze Poms The Prince Of The Empire
x CH Cr I Wanna Jazz Some More

Avalon’s Thunderstruck of Chiao Li Ya “Thunder”
TWN CH White Tian Wang of Chiao Li Ya
x Bai Jin Zuan Zhi Xing of Chiao Li Ya

Reference Sires
(retired or owned by friends)

CH Avalon’s Piano Man of Lenette “Billy”
CH Peperie Pop Star of Lenette
x Sheba’s Gold of Lenette
(Sire of our CH Lucy)

Bai Shih Tzu Tou of Chiao Li Ya “Bai”
KCT CH World Bai Bo Mey of Chiao Li Ya
x KCT CH Bai San Mey of Chiao Fu Hang
(Sire of our Summer and Capri)

GCH Avalon’s Exquisite Moonwalker “Jackson”
GCH Aesthetics Charmingly Exquisite
x Avalon’s Exquisitely Fashionable

Avalon’s White Knight of Chiao Li Ya “Kai”
INT KCT CH Bai Wei Deng Bao of Chiao Li Ya x Fenris of Chiao Li Ya (Sire of Leo & Mitzi, Grandsire of Daisy, Ruby, Sunny)


CH Avalon’s Prince Matchabelli “Monte”
Starfire’s Conan the Barbarian
x Avalon’s Queen Nefertiti
(Grandsire of Phoebe, Crystal, Lily, Seth & Jackson)

Avalon’s Lionheart “Leo”
Avalon’s White Knight of Chiao Li Ya
x Avalon’s Snow Lily (Sire of Daisy)

CH Barbaro of Lenette “Barbaro”
CH Magic Touch of Lenette
x CH Amber Glow of Lenette, ROMX
(Sire of our Taylor, Grandsire of Gemma & Pearl)

CH Dreamweaver CR Little Tommy Tucker “Tommy”
GCH Sundown’s Hide N Zeke
x CR N Dreamweaver’s Wind In The Willows
OFA Certified: Cardiac, Patella, Eye
(Sire of our Mia, Grandsire of Ruby & Sunny)