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Essential Supplies To Have On Hand For Your New Puppy

Please be sure to also read our puppy care sheet

1) Royal Canin X-Small Puppy Food 

2) Royal Canin Premium Canned Food

3) Nutri-Cal For Emergencies

4) Soft Slicker Brush

5) Grooming Comb

6) Harness/Leash (except as required for showing, we recommend a harness rather than collar to avoid pressure on the trachea – start with XXXS)

7) Made In The USA Natural Rawhide Twists  

8) Natural Aromatic Pest-Away Shampoo (natural essential oil shampoo conditions coat while discouraging pests)

9) Natural Aromatic Pest-Away Mist  (natural grooming spray with fresh aroma – discourages pests and conditions coat)

10) Ultra 5 x 3 Probiotic (open a capsule and sprinkle on food daily – a must for GI health and to minimize tear stains)

11) Playpen (you can also use a carrier, laundry room, bathroom, etc with puppy pads while house training)

Joining two 24″ Iris pens together creates an inexpensive system that works great for toy dogs! Place food, water, toys and bed in one side and puppy pads in the other.




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1) American Pomeranian Club

2) American Kennel Club